Our basic premise

Everyone wishes to contribute to an organization at his or her highest level of ability

At ExecuVision International, we help you build organizations where everyone contributes, and everyone grows.

We accomplish this by focusing on 3 essential elements

leadership training

leadership development

One of the major roles of the leader is to reduce anxiety in an increasingly complex world.

ExecuVision International designed a complete curriculum – Leadership & Self-Discovery – to transform current high-potential managers into future leaders. The curriculum is a 12-part process, each session building on the previous sessions, that examines:

  • Management vs leadership
  • Innate strengths (and weaknesses)
  • Communication and listening ability
  • Planning and execution
  • Vulnerability, empathy, and appreciation
  • Storytelling, teamwork, and trust
  • Time management, delegation, and prioritization

Discover who you could become as a leader

strategic alignment

For most organizations, ExecuVision International facilitates a series of three two-day retreats with the senior executive team.

 We examine the contribution each member makes to the organization and discover where there are gaps in the effectiveness of the leadership team. We celebrate the diversity, and learn to respect and value how that diversity strengthens our team.

We then explore the mode of communication at the executive level. In working with over 400 companies over the past 20 years, we can confirm that communication improvement is an ongoing process.

Finally, we examine the reality of the culture within the organization. ExecuVision International has a unique process for determining the reality behind the public relations aspect of your culture.

You get what you tolerate! Every process delivers exactly the result it was designed to deliver. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you must change the input.

Behavioral coaching

Coaching has become a very popular concept in leadership circles. At a gathering in Washington, DC, Author Dan Pink once responded to the statement “There are a lot of good lawyers out there”, with the comment, “At least, there are a lot of lawyers out there”!

The same is equally true of coaches. They come in every variety. ExecuVision International focuses on coaching as a tool for the coachee’s personal and professional development. The only metric is an actual change in behavior. Leadership is primarily a function of the level of self-awareness of the leader. We provide the mirror that allows you to see how you show up to other people.

ExecuVision International provides a different kind of organizational change. If you are not interested in small, incremental adjustments, we may be the appropriate resource. We are only interested in transformation.

In order to soar, we must risk leaving where we are.

What we do

  • Leadership development
  • Strategic alignment
  • Behavioral change coaching

What we don’t do

  • Management training
  • Strategic planning
  • Feel-Good coaching

ExecuVision International measures every investment in three dimensions:

  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. Funding
Our Founder

David belden

David Belden is the founder of the facilitation and executive development company, ExecuVision International. As a Professional Outsider, he observes and analyzes organizations and relationships from without to transform them from within. ExecuVision International was founded in 1998. It is a referral-based consultancy, working exclusively with organizations that have realized the need for transformation.

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