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The most important aspect of any team is a clear knowledge of who is on it. Most executive teams are comprised of the figureheads of functional departments or divisions of the company. They have been placed on the leadership team because they manage a function. How do we know that a highly competent manager also has the ability to lead?

And why do we believe that because a person possesses the skill to do a job, that he or she will enjoy doing that job? We all know that we have many skills, which means we can do a job or perform a task. We also know, usually from unpleasant experience, that the fact that we can do a job does not automatically mean that the job will provide long-term satisfaction.

The Core Values Index™ (CVI™) is a tool which, with a simple assessment, provides a clear indication of a person’s innate preference for a certain type of work. Other assessments measure your capability (skill set) or adaptability (whether or not you can force-fit yourself or someone else into a role). The CVI™ shows you exactly what energy you bring to the workplace and how that energy can best be leveraged. The CVI™ also provides guidance for career path and succession planning for you and all your employees.

Within your company, ExecuVision provides executive and team retreats based on the CVI™. By learning to respect the specific strengths and preferences, as well as communication styles of team members, we eliminate the blockages to clear communication, organizational disruption, and lack of motivation.


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