Our basic premise

Everyone wishes to contribute to an organization at his or her highest level of ability

At ExecuVision International, we help you build organizations where everyone contributes, and everyone grows.

We accomplish this by focusing on 3 essential elements

leadership training

leadership development

ExecuVision International designed a complete curriculum – Leadership & Self-Discovery – to transform current high-potential managers into future leaders. The curriculum examines:

Discover who you could become as a leader.

strategic alignment

For most organizations, ExecuVision International facilitates a series of three two-day retreats with the senior executive team.

We explore deeply the contributions of each team member, style of communi-cation, and the true culture determined by daily behavior.

ExecuVision International focuses on aligning your team on all strategic initiatives.

Our guiding principle is that, in any organizations, you get what you tolerate!


Behavioral coaching

At ExecuVision International, we are not interested in feel-good coaching. Our objective in working with individuals is help them explore all possibilities, not just the safe and familiar options.

 Leadership, as opposed to management, is primarily a function of the level of self-awareness of the leader. We provide the mirror that allows you to see how you show up to other people.

The focus of our coaching is behavioral transformation. Anything less does not provide an adequate return on our mutual investment.


ExecuVision International provides a different kind of organizational change. If you are not interested in small, incremental adjustments, we may be the appropriate resource. Our goal is transformation. Is yours?

In order to soar, we must risk leaving where we are.

What we do

What we don’t do

ExecuVision International measures every investment in three dimensions:

  1. Time – our only non-renewable
  2. Energy – how much does this challenge consume
  3. Funding – will the productivity increase justify the effort

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