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The ROI of Trust

In a seminar that I recently facilitated on Teamwork and Trust, we explored two very different models of organizing work. The first model is the

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The Professional Outsider

Amazingly, ExecuVision International just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. We have had the privilege for the past 20 years of helping over 400 organizations – from

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Four in Six

Most people in business today certainly know about CEO peer groups. They are generally based on Napoleon Hill’s concept of a Mastermind group. Most are

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Why Passion Sucks

In blog after blog, the common advice given to young people is to follow your passion. Everyone, it seems, is supposed to discover what they

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Holding Truth Lightly

The German philosopher Hegel had a wonderfully simple explanation for the evolution of thought. He said that a person will posit a thesis (this is

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How far can you see?

  An article in INC magazine recently reminded me that companies are still committed to annual performance reviews. One of the points of the article

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