• David and the ExecuVision program were very different than any process our company had experienced. Through the process, ExecuVision helped our executive and management teams clearly align our organizational purpose.  Together, we found a cohesive “voice” for the organization. In retrospect, it was one of the more important initiatives for growth that we have pursued as a company. – Mike McDevitt, CEO – Medifast
  • As businesses learn to adapt to a new normal, organizations are struggling to find a new path to achieve their goals. Several of our members have used ExecuVision services to help chart a new alignment for their organizations all with resounding success. Recommending David is easy because he delivers what he promises. If you’re interested in taking your organization to the next level call the “Professional Outsider” David Belden. – Bill Clark – Chairman – Clark Leadership Group
  • David Belden played an instrumental role in aligning our management team with the corporation’s strategic business objectives while taking into consideration the added complexity related to a family-owned business. – Sam Polakoff, President – TBB Global Logistics
  • David is a great listener and sounding board. As a self-branded “professional outsider” he is able to pinpoint and analyze within a very short period of time root cause issues. His experience running several national and international companies has been invaluable. Those experiences have informed his world view and enable him to share relevant and timely insights. ExecuVision has helped me become a better leader, which is a win for me, my company, and ultimately a win for the customers we serve. – Ola Sage – President & CEO – e-Management
  • I happen to believe that we are all the average of the ten people with whom we spend most of our time. David is one of those people who raise everyone’s average. I am a better person and executive for having spent time being coached by David. – Ken Lopez, President – A2L
  • Under David’s wise and steady hand, we enjoyed a sustained “real” conversation, frankly addressed some elephants in the room, and came away a much stronger team. And the change was not temporary; we have sustained the honesty and are carrying the conversation and skills deeper into our company, making it part of our culture. My team felt our time with ExecuVision was the best we’ve ever spent together as a team. – Tom Loveland, Chairman and CEO – Mind Over Machines
  • Balancing the demands and rigors of CEO life and family life can be difficult. David, as my CEO coach and peer group leader, has provided an environment where we learn from one another, counsel one another and support one another. Without fail, David’s leadership has helped many of us through some of the toughest times with regards to our businesses and families. I look up to David with the utmost esteem. I’m lucky to have him on speed dial. – Jason Hinton, CEO – Constrat
  • I couldn’t ask for more in a coach than what I get from David Belden. He has been a great friend and mentor for many years and has successfully helped me work through professional and personal challenges. He has facilitated several meetings at Ntiva in a clear and organized way that always left people more aligned and focused. I look forward to tackling challenges in the future, knowing David is by my side. – Steven Freidkin, President – Ntiva
  • Over the years I have known and worked with David, there has been a transformation in my perspectives on business, relationships and organizations. He is an incredibly thoughtful and knowledgeable person with an uncanny ability to reflect back to you that very thing you were unconsciously avoiding. Whether in a group setting with our team, or an individual coaching session, David is able to break down the barriers and get below the superficial posturing to expose the true issues. Once the real issues are on the table, it is much easier to see the right way to deal with them. I am constantly amazed how often the answer was staring me in the face all the time. David has that knack of helping those around him achieve the potential inside. – Edward J. Bell – ARPC

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