from manager to leader

Who are your rising stars? Who in your organization has proven herself as a highly competent manager, with the potential to develop into a great leader?

 ExecuVision International has designed a complete curriculum – Leadership & Self-Discovery – to transform current high-potential managers into future leaders.

The format is a cohort of a maximum of 16 members.

The curriculum is a 12-part process, each session building on the previous sessions, that examines:

  • Management vs Leadership
  • Innate strengths (and weaknesses)
  • Communication and listening ability
  • Planning, execution, and accountability
  • Vulnerability, empathy, and appreciation
  • Storytelling, teamwork and trust
  • Emotional intelligence and maturity
  • Time management, delegation, prioritization

The program is facilitated in a series of 4 intense 3-day sessions, spaced 3 – 4 weeks apart. The focus is on personal and professional development, as opposed to management training. Participants learn the difference, and the expanded role they assume when they choose to accept the responsibilities of leadership.