The Professional Outsider

Amazingly, ExecuVision International just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. We have had the privilege for the past 20 years of helping over 400 organizations – from start-up to family businesses to the Fortune 50, including federal agencies, government contractors, not-for-profits, and everything in between – transform their leadership teams and their organizations.

We know from research in neuroscience that the greatest human motivator is the desire to contribute.

Our overriding focus is on creating organizations where every individual is encouraged to contribute at his or her highest level of ability.

Through psychometric assessment and personal interviews, we help determine what that highest level is for each person.

Through our unique curriculum – Leadership and Self-Discovery – we facilitate the journey from manager to leader for your emerging talent with the highest potential. Combining practical application with the theoretical foundation, we address leadership as a combination of skill and art.

We facilitate and guide the restructuring of your organization to meet the exceptional challenges of today’s world. We help you remain relevant – to your customers, to your employees, to all of your stakeholders.

We facilitate the retreats fraught with anxiety due to downsizing or unanticipated external threats. We walk teams through the stages of grief to emerge prepared to engage the future.

We mediate disputes within your executive team to reach an understanding. We recognize the inherent demand in any team to disagree. We facilitate that disagreement with respect, emerging with the optimum synthesis incorporating disparate points of view. 

And we do it all with humor, empathy, and grace. What a privilege it is to work with all of you. Thank you for the past 20 years. We look forward with enthusiasm to the next 20!

With warm regards,

David Belden, Professional Outsider

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