What is it about trust?

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of trust. Trust is the cornerstone of every human endeavor. Trust allows us to function fully without needing to constantly defend our thinking, feelings, or our actions. For more on this, see Trust is Internal.

ExecuVision International has always had a heavy focus on neuroscience. We have always used the latest research in our three developmental areas:

  • Knowing who is in the room (psychometric assessment)
  • Communication (what happens in the brain when we are truly listening)
  • Culture (daily behaviors that build trust)

The neuroscience of trust is undeniable. Trust is also the wellspring of creativity and innovation. From Daniel Kahneman, Brené Brown, John Medina, Daniel Goleman, and many more, the research confirms that trust-based organizations consistently outperform others.

Why then, is trust within the organization usually undervalued when the culture is being designed? In the experience of ExecuVision International, it is because trust is an extremely uncomfortable dialogue. That dialogue is also nearly impossible to facilitate internally. Our function as Professional Outsider allows us to get to the heart (and head) of the matter.

From the beginning of our work, ExecuVision International has focused on Trust. Beginning in 2018, we allied our efforts with a synchronistic organization that has a similar focus. Trust Across America – Trust Around the World (Trust Across America) views trust as the outcome of principled behavior. They have developed an exceptionally useful trust diagnostic (AIM Towards Trust) to reveal areas where trust needs to be strengthened within the organization.

If you are ready to unleash the full potential of your company or your team, examining trust is where we start. ExecuVision International, in conjunction with Trust Across America, has developed powerful retreats and workshops (currently online) to explore levels of trust within your organization. Contact us today to begin this exploration.