Which Wolf?

Black Wolf


In the ancient tribe, a mighty warrior had fallen ill. He was being treated by a great shaman. The shaman had an acolyte learning the mysteries of the healing arts.

The acolyte asked, “What is wrong with the warrior?” The shaman replied, “There are two wolves fighting within him. The battle is raging between the black wolf, which is filled with anger, greed, revenge, and hatred, and the white wolf which is filled with peace, generosity, forgiveness, and compassion.”

“Which one will win?” asked the acolyte?

The shaman replied, “It depends on which one you feed.”

Which wolf does your organization feed? Do you encourage pointless internal competition? Do you lead with intimidation? Do you promote a sense of fear and uncertainty within the organization to drive better results? What percentage of the organization’s time and energy are inwardly facing, fighting internal battles? Do you see sales as a battle for customer acquisition? Is blame an acceptable defense for lack of progress?

Or, does your organization coax the best ideas from people at all levels of the organization? Do you focus together on the external challenges that threaten your success? Is customer loyalty gained by excellent delivery? Do you move beyond blaming the past, using negative experience to generate the next level of development in your people and your service?

In other words, which wolf does your organization feed?

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